Art in public spaces (iceberg)

Art in Public Spaces (iceberg)

Site-specific underwater group exhibition, Bjørvika, October, Oslo 2011

Art in public spaces - Action I (Iceberg) is composed by three different actions.

Action 1: Five artworks is sailed on a raft on Akerselven to Bjørvika. The artworks are sealed in a transparent plastic cube which is an underwater exhibition named Iceberg.

Action 2: Two divers will place Iceberg on the seabed below Monica Bonvicini’s sculpture She Lies by the Norwegian Operahouse in Bjørvika.

Action 3: The raft sails to the quay next to the Operahouse and an information plate is mounted. The plate informs the passer-by to visit the underwater exhibition.
















Artistic leaders: Siri Leira and Naja Lee Jensen

Artists: Mimmi Mattila, Eirik Senje, Camilla Skibrek, Siri Leira and Naja Lee Jensen

Documentation: Halvor Rønning