This is a 10-minute taster for the interdisciplinary sensoric performance Darkness and Nature

In Darkness and Nature the darkness, nature and the audience are protagonists. Through the use of surround sound, scents, light, darkness and site-specific fiction the performance explores the relationship between darkness, nature, humankind and art. Darkness and Nature is a sensuous all encompassing experience in three sections. The performance asks how nature and humankind is part of a great darkness which we cannot comprehend.

Cast for the 10-minute DIY taster:
Camera: Camilla Fredin and Søren Meisner
Editor: Naja Lee Jensen
Sound artist: Kristian Hverring
Speak: Sophie Grodin
Performer: Andreas Hald Oxenvad
Olfactory artist: Klara Ravat
Light designer: Tobias Leira