Naja Lee Jensen occupies the in-between space between stage art and fine art. Her interest is directed towards the relationship between perception, body and space.

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Darkness and Nature

Darkness and Nature is an interdisciplinary, experimental performance that uses sound, smell, light, darkness, tactile touch and site-specificity to create an encompassing sensorial universe for Nature inside the sleeping human.

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A longing for skin

A longing for skin is an interdisciplinary choreographic work by Naja Lee Jensen. The work explores the relation between the largest organ of the body the skin and human identity.

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Capital Oslo

Without protection of a home human life is challenged. In a periode of time where a lot of our fellow human beings are forced to leave their homes Capital Oslo will look at the condition of homelessness.

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The games we play

The Games We Play is a performance installation for football stadiums. The performative work explores what expectations we have to art and football.

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