Darkness and Nature

Darkness and Nature

Experimental interdisciplinary performance


Atalante, Gothenburg, November 2019 (premiere)

K-Selekt, Copenhagen, September 2020

Darkness and Nature is an interdisciplinary, experimental performance where sound, smell, light, darkness, tactile touch and site-specificity creates an encompassing sensorial universe for the audience.

Darkness and Nature invites the audience to experience their individual perception of the world while lying in a tent in the dark. The piece questions if we, humans, can reestablish a lost connection with Nature if we surrender to the darkness. With the current focus on man made climate change, perhaps what we need is darkness to rediscover ourselves as a part of Nature?

Audience feedback:

"I felt scared and safe at the same time. When the waves came in I just wanted Mother Nature to come take me and live the rest of my life at the bottom of the ocean."

"I was a child again. Looking at the world through a magnifying glass. Gazing at myself from cosmic space."

"Darkness, loneliness, safe space. Like my stone part of it all. Fear, frightened, waves. Sound of huge waves, taking me down under the water - I can breath. So big. Everything is so big, and I'm small, and all of that fits into the tent. Me and the stone from same space. My mother. Silence. Words will not be enough."

"I was dreaming and awake. I was floating and diving. I was inside and outside. I was!"

"Wow, I don't really know what to say. I kind of lost track of time. I felt warm and the next second I was cold. The stone became a safety and I wouldn't let go of it. I have never in my life experienced something like this so I don't really have something to compare with. But it was awesome how realistic everything felt. I forgot everyone else for a few minutes, and it was just me and the stone in the universe."

Artistic leader: Naja Lee Jensen
Sound artist: Kristian Hverring
Fine artist: Andreas Hald Oxenvad
Olfactory artist: Klara Ravat
Light designer: Tobias Leira
Speak: Sophie Grodin
Producer: Johanna Maj Thorning
Supported by: Danish Arts Foundation,
Arts Council Norway 
Residencies: Pikene på Broen & HAUT
Documentation: Camilla Fredin