Bringing the protest to Csepel

Site-specific sound installation


Csepel industrial area, April 2017

Can you relocate a protest? Does it make any sense? Throughout time Csepel has mirrored the society of Hungary. Now protests are taking place in the streets of central Budapest. What happens if we echoes this protest at the gate of Csepel?

As a foreign artist working in public space you ask yourself what relation you have to the reality you work in. A reality that is the everyday life to a lot of people but not to you. What is your agency, your responsibility, your right to speak coming from another context? Can you present or represent others and is this your task?

Artist: Naja Lee Jensen

Created as a part of PICTURE Budapest - Østfold an interdisciplinary research and exchange project initiated by Artopolis Association and Scenekunst Østfold. The project builds upon their existing cooperation as fellow members of IN SITU European Network for Artistic Creation in Public Space, and is it supported nancially by an EEA Grant.