reflections and unreflections

Group exhibition


Hotel Proforma, Copenhagen,  2013

reflections and unreflections is exploring “the meeting” as a conceptual art collaboration, what the meeting brings and how it is reflected and unflected into a spatial investigation. The meeting is physical; between Naja Lee Jensen and three other artists with others artistic backgrounds, and between Naja Lee Jensen and the interns from Atelier Hotel Pro Forma. The meeting is both coincidental and planned, and it will explore how the intertwining of these lives for a specified duration of time i a specific space influence the process and artworks of those involved.

The meeting transforms the space into an exhibition, playfully investigating the perceptions and expectations of the audience creating a spatial experience of light, shadow and reflections and unreflections.

Curator: Naja Lee Jensen
Participating artists: Lene Baadsvig Ørmen, Emelie Trossö, Elisabeth Holager Lund and Naja Lee Jensen in collaboration with the interns at Hotel Proforma

Documentation: Lene Baadsvig Ørmen and Juliana Std