Variation of a Week #I

Group exhibition


Gallery NoPlace, Oslo, January 2013

Variations of a Week #1 is a group exhibition, in which five different artists, one after the other,  produces a work in the exhibition space of Gallery NoPlace in Oslo. Each of the artists has 24 hours to create their work, and all of them have to relate to the space and to the work of the previous artist. When the exhibition opens Saturday the 12th  of January, all of the five works will be installed in the exhibition space. Together they will make an unclear picture of the 2nd week in 2013 at Oslogate 2B perceived and interpreted through the mind and body of Ida, Mikkel, Michael, Naja and Sara. The exhibition closes Sunday the 13th of January.

Curator: Naja Lee Jensen
Participating artists: Mikkel Hofplass, Ida Grimstad, Sara Sølberg, Michael Rasmussen and Naja Lee Jensen
Documentation: Petter Buhagen